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Call for Demos - ICME Workshop on Broadcast and User-generated Content Recognition and Analysis (BRUREC)

Dear list subscriber,

Please help us circulate this email widely and forgive any cross-postings.

BRUREC will organize a special technical demo session related to
Broadcast and User-generated Content Recognition and Analysis.  The
opportunity will be given for the participants to showcase the results
of their exciting research through the exhibition of working
prototypes, integrated systems, or audio-visual demonstrations related
to the topics of BRUREC.

Your are invited to submit demo proposals. Each proposal should include:

********** Name and the affiliation **********
********** Description of the demo (in ICME/IEEE format) (up to 2
pages)  **********
including an overview of the demo project, the scientific concept
underpinning the specific demo to be shown, the novelty of the work
and how  it is  different from existing  systems/techniques (note that
evaluation results etc. are NOT required), and what will be actually
shown during the demo at BRUREC.

This is a competitive call. Proposals will be evaluated based on the
importance and relevance to the topics of BRUREC, as well as the
quality of the demo proposals. Demo proposals in conjunction with
paper submissions are encouraged, but each will be judged on its own

To submit a demo proposal please email your proposal and Supplementary
Material (up to 20 Mb)  to BRUREC2013 (at) gmail.com and cc'd to Jinyu
Han (jhan (at) gracenote.com), Gerald Friedland (fractor(at)
icsi.berkeley.edu) and Peter Dunker (pdunker(at) gracenote.com).

********** Important Dates **********
-Demo Proposal Submission: March 7, 2013
-Notification of Acceptance: April 15, 2013

********** Organizers **********

Jinyu Han
Gracenote, Inc.

Gerald Friedland
ICSI, UC Berkeley

Peter Dunker
Gracenote, Inc.