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Re: Real-time spectrogram for Mac

Another real-time analyzer that's platform independent is 
freqazoid, that is based on Java:


Although it won't satisfy Daniel's criteria, it has three useful functions:
1) an oscilloscope
2) a real-time FFT spectrum display with adjustable threshold for peak 
3) a real-time F0 detector display based on the detected spectral peaks 
   with the vertical axis indicating note positions (F#3, Bb4, etc.)

The program was written by Ugur Guney based on a spectral analyzer and 
two-way mismatch pitch detector written by Robert Maher that is installed 
in the non-real-time analysis/synthesis package SNDAN.


James W. Beauchamp                                                
Professor Emeritus of Music and Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
WWW:  http://ems.music.uiuc.edu/beaucham

Original message:
>From: "Rowan D." <dr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 12:31:37 +0000
>To: AUDITORY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [AUDITORY] Real-time spectrogram for Mac
>Hi -
>Background: I have been using the real-time waveform/spectrum (RTSpect)
>and spectrogram (RTGram) Windows apps from UCL
>(http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/resource/software.php) for several years
>for teaching and outreach/public engagement as very easy to use to
>achieve intended results.
>Question: Is there anything similar out there for Mac/OSX?
>I've had a bit of a search with no luck; needs to be real-time and
>similarly easy to use for a varied audience. I'm aware of iPad apps
>that do something similar but am looking for something for Macbook.
>Many thanks in advance for any leads.
>Cheers, Daniel