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CFP AVEC 2013 - 3rd International Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge and Workshop at ACM Multimedia 2013

Dear List,


It is our great pleasure to announce AVEC 2013: the Audio-Visual Emotion and Depression Recognition Challenge, third in the AVEC series. The challenge/workshop will be held in conjunction with ACM-Multimedia 2013, which is held from 21-25 October 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.



AVEC 2013

3rd International Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge and Workshop

Depression and Continuous Emotion




Satellite Workshop of ACM Multimedia 2013

Fullyâday Workshop October 21 â 25 (t.b.d.), Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain



This year there will be two sub-challenges: the first is fully continuous dimensional affect recognition (similar to AVEC 2012), but it is the second sub-challenge that makes this AVEC very special indeed: estimation of self-reported level of depression on over 150 recordings of people suffering from depression performing a standardised human computer interaction task. This sub challenge has a single label associated with every recording, making it also a very different machine learning problem compared to the previous challenges.

The full Call for Participation, together with more information about the mechanics of the challenge, can be found on the SSPNet portal: http://sspnet.eu/avec2013/. The data can be downloaded from http://avec2013-db.sspnet.eu/.

Please note that this year, due to the nature of the data, we have to be stricter about participation and data distribution. We would kindly request all participating teams to contact the organisers by email with name and affiliation of all team members. As an extra data protection measure, all zip files in the dataset are encrypted and a password to decrypt them will be provided by the organisers upon team registration. We would also kindly request all participants to read the EULA thoroughly, in particular the sections on data confidentiality.

Kindest regards,

BjÃrn Schuller

on behalf of the AVEC 2013 organising committee,
BjÃrn Schuller, Michel Valstar, Roddy Cowie, Maja Pantic, and Jarek Krajewski



PD Dr.-Ing. habil. DI

BjÃrn W. Schuller


Visiting Professor

Centre Interfacultaire en Sciences Affectives (CISA)

Università de GenÃve

7 rue des Battoirs â CH -1205 GenÃve


Head Machine Intelligence & Signal Processing Group

Institute for Human-Machine Communication

Technische UniversitÃt MÃnchen

Munich / Germany


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School of Computer Science and Technology

Harbin Institute of Technology

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