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Re: References needed: fMRI of stream segregation with natural sounds


a summary of the references shared by Rhodri Cusack, Joel Snyder, and Jonathan Simon, plus two additional references I found.

- Book chapter that discusses stream segregation inside and outside the laboratory: Cusack, Rhodri, and Robert P. Carlyon. "Auditory perceptual organization inside and outside the laboratory." Ecological psychoacoustics (2004): 15-48.

- A recent review of streaming literature that focuses on attention effects and other high-level factors: Snyder, Joel S., et al. "Attention, awareness, and the perception of auditory scenes." Frontiers in Psychology 3 (2012).

- An ERP study of change deafness with environmental sounds: Gregg, Melissa K., and Joel S. Snyder. "Enhanced sensory processing accompanies successful detection of change for real-world sounds." NeuroImage (2012).

- Four studies by Jonathan Simon, on streaming and natural sounds:

- Ding, N. and J. Z. Simon (2013, in press) Adaptive Temporal Encoding Leads to a Background Insensitive Cortical Representation of Speech, J Neurosci.

- Zion Golumbic, E. M., N. Ding, S. Bickel, P. Lakatos, C. A. Schevon, G. M. McKhann, R. R. Goodman, R. Emerson, A. D. Mehta, J. Z. Simon, D. Poeppel, and C. E. Schroeder (2013) Mechanisms Underlying Selective Neuronal Tracking of Attended Speech at a “Cocktail Party”, Neuron, 77(5), 980-991.

- Ding, N. and J. Z. Simon (2012) The Emergence of Neural Encoding of Auditory Objects While Listening to Competing Speakers, PNAS, 109(29), 11854-11859.

- Ding, N. and J. Z. Simon (2012) Neural Coding of Continuous Speech in Auditory Cortex during Monaural and Dichotic Listening, J Neurophysiol 107, 78-89.

For those of you interested in neural mechanisms for auditory grouping, I would add these recent book chapters. Not many natural-sound studies here, but surely a good read:

- Griffiths, Timothy D., Christophe Micheyl, and Tobias Overath. "Auditory object analysis." The Human Auditory Cortex (2012): 199-223.

- Schnupp, Jan WH, Christian Honey, and Ben DB Willmore. "Neural Correlates of Auditory Object Perception." Neural Correlates of Auditory Cognition. Springer New York, 2013. 115-149.

Overall, a quick look at these references shows that fMRI somehow lags behind MEG/EEG when it comes to the study of streaming with natural sounds. Mine is not a critique or an argument in the generalizability vs. experimental control debate, just a curiosity connected to the interpretation of some non-streaming natural-sound fMRI results I am writing about.



On 22/03/2013 1:15 PM, Bruno L. Giordano wrote:

I am looking for references to fMRI/EEG-MEG studies of stream
segregation that use natural recognizable sounds. The vast majority of
the studies I found used synthetic stimuli, perhaps my review hasn't
been thorough enough.

Thank you for your help,


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