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Psychological listening quiz/game - Emotify

Dear members of auditory list,

We invite you to participate in an online psychological quiz about musical emotion.
It's a social game on Facebook, where you can listen to music, answer questions and learn something about yourself and your musical perception in return!


There is also a non-facebook version of it:

Here is how it goes:
1. Select genre that you like. There are 4 options: rock, pop, classical, electronic.
2. Listen to some fragments of songs (whole pieces also available) and indicate how you felt.
3. Get feedback on how your musical taste is different from that of other people and which emotional content you prefer in music.
4. By doing all this you help us to collect research data.

You might spend as much time as you like on it, from 1 minute to half an hour, if you invite some of your friends through facebook it becomes even more fun! 

Thanks in advance and enjoy,

Anna Aljanaki
Ph.D. student
Utrecht University
e-mail: A.Aljanaki@xxxxx