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[AUDITORY] from audition to vision: a short experiment

Dear all,

We designed a short auditory to visual experiment in which we look to potential associations between features of sounds and shapes or colors or gray scale. The ultimate goal would be to take into account these associations (if there is any) into an auditory to vision substitution system.
Can you please go on the web page (make sure to use secure https) : https://pages.usherbrooke.ca/madeli/index.htm and try the experiment?
In the last page, in the end of the experiment, you can provide comments and your email address if you would like to be contacted.
Final results and compilation will be presented on the list.
Experiments last ~ 15 mns.

Many thanks in advance and enjoy.

Jean Rouat and Mohammad Adeli (Ph.D. student in charge of the project).

Jean Rouat, Prof.

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