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[AUDITORY] Greek music listening - call for participation

(Apologies for cross-posting)

Call for participation and please distribute widely - Across-culture music perception study on Greek music

Dear all, 

We are conducting an experiment to explore the music perception across different cultures. We would like to invite you to participate in this experiment. 

In the listening test, you will be listening to 110 tracks, each one for at least 15 seconds out of 30 seconds and locate your perceived emotion on a 2D platform. For each track, please choose or type the emotion you believe the music wants to express. The tracks used in the experiment are from Greek music scene in various genres. It takes around 50 minutes.

There are currently three versions: English, Greek and Chinese. Please use a current version of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.  Please note that Firefox is not supported by the audio player. 

The link to the test can be found below, 


If you have questions, comments or other enquiries, please contact Yading Song (yading.song@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Thanks for the participation,

Yading Song, Katerina Kosta, George Fazekas
Centre for Digital Music 
Queen Mary University of London