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[AUDITORY] Hearing Industry RFP on dynamic spatial listening research

This message, announcing an RFP that will provide $300k to support research into the perception of dynamic spatial listening scenarios, is posted on behalf of the Hearing Industry Research Consortium's current Chair, Stefan Launer:

The Hearing Industry Research Consortium wishes to support pre-competitive research that advances understanding of the perception of dynamic spatial listening scenarios. Eligible proposals are studies examining the consequence of hearing impairment or effect of hearing instrument acoustics and signal processing on the perception of dynamic sound scenes. These could address aspects of moving sound sources or movements of the listener, as well as dynamic listening behavior. Studies may suggest perspectives to improve the generic design and provision of hearing aids, but should not be concerned with the development of specific features of hearing aid systems.

The funding pool for this RFP is 300,000 US Dollars, and the time period for execution of projects under this RFP is 2-3 years from 1st January 2014. Proposals for projects of two years duration are preferred. It is envisaged that one or two project proposals will be funded.
Detailed descriptions of the application procedure, the guidelines for research under this scheme, and the proposed research area can be found on the IRC website http://hearingirc.com where an application pdf form can also be found. Deadline for submission is September 1, 2013.

Examples of possible projects include:
â Auditory perception of objects approaching / moving away.
â Body and head movements of the listener and their impact on listening in complex environments.
â Dynamic changes in target source.
â Attention switching.
â Search behavior of target sources: do hearing impaired people show more head movements because of lack of acoustic localization abilities.
â Dynamic properties of a realistic communication situation.
â Influence of hearing-instrument signal processing on perception of dynamic changes.

Questions can be sent to any of the IRC members listed on website or using the Contact Form on the website.

The Hearing Industry Research Consortium (IRC) is made up of the heads of research from the top hearing aid manufacturers in the world, which include GN ReSound, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey Hearing Technologies and Widex. The IRC was created to have a non-competitive, mutually agreed upon research agenda benefiting the hearing aid industry, its customers and end users. For more information about the Hearing Industry Research Consortium, visit www.hearingirc.com.