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This is still vague to me. As a student and academic researcher, I have my own implementation of PESQ and I don't need to use OPTICOM's propriety libraries. Do I still have to pay for including the PESQ numbers (which I have generated with my own code) in my papers? Can you please clarify this?

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Dear Readers,

The PESQ technology as recommended by ITU-T Rec. P.862 is protected by
copyright and several patents and is available under license for commercial
applications according to ITU fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms
from OPTICOM. For qualified academic use, free access to the OPTICOM
library for PESQ within the OPTICOM PEXQ software suite may be granted for
a limited period, however any studies sponsored by commercial organisations
will require a fully paid up license before results can be made available.

Best regards,

Graham Rousell

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