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[AUDITORY] Research Audiologist Position at NYU School of Medicine

NYU School of Medicine is seeking a Research Audiologist to facilitate our research efforts in the areas of cochlear implants, hearing aids, speech perception, and perceptual learning. The candidate should have M.A., Au.D., or Ph.D. in Audiology, and eligibility for Audiology and Hearing Aid licensure in New York.  Ideally, the candidate should have experience with hearing aid fitting and verification and an understanding of cochlear implant technology, as well as experience in administering behavioral tests (speech and/or psychoacoustic test paradigms).  Experience in working with cochlear implant patients and prior research experience is a plus.

Please forward CV to Kristin Montella at Kristin.Montella@xxxxxxxxx;  550 First Avenue, NBV-5E5, Department of Otolaryngology, NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY 10016

Arlene C. Neuman