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[AUDITORY] SoundSoftware.ac.uk Prizes for Reproducibility on Semantic Audio

Dear AUDITORY list members,

(Please apologise for any potential cross-posting. Hope this is of interest!)

If you're planning to submit a paper to the AES 53rd Conference on Semantic
Audio, please note that the SoundSoftware project will be sponsoring a Prize for
Reproducibility in the field of Semantic Audio for works published at this


** Categories **
* Category A - Fully reproducible work Awarded for a paper whose results can be
reproduced using the datasets, software and methodologies described in the
* Category B - Reproducibility-enabling work Awarded for a paper presenting 
infrastructure, datasets, or standards intended to enable future reproducible work 
from other authors.

** Prizes **
Prizes will consist of a travel bursary of up to 1000 GBP (inclusive of
conference registration costs) to present your work at this conference.

If you are a researcher from a UK institutions eligible for EPSRC support, in
addition to the travel bursary the prize will also cover the Article Open Access
Publication Fee - please see http://www.aes.org/openaccess/.

** Important Dates **
* Submissions will open on Thursday, September 12.
* The deadline for submission is September 30, 2013 (Please note that this is 
later than the full paper submission deadline for the conference itself).

- For more information and other details please see the following page:

- AES 53rd Conference on Semantic Audio:

Kind regards,

Luis Figueira