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[AUDITORY] "Online" MIR course

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From: George Tzanetakis <gtzan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 2:48 AM
Subject: [MUSIC-IR] "Online" MIR course
To: MIR mailing list <music-ir@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi everyone,
   next term I will be teaching a new installment of my Music Information Retrieval course at the University of Victoria which will run from January to April
2014. I am considering capturing the lectures in video and also letting students outside the University of Victoria participate in the course, assignments and final project. At the moment I am planning on doing this with open source tools and not under the control of MOOC organizations like Udacity and Coursera although that might happen in the future. Of course no credit will be offered but if you are interested in learning more about MIR this could be of interest to you.

The course is about 1/3 a crash course in audio signal processing and machine learning followed by 2/3 of MIR specific tasks and topics. This is an entry level
course so if you are an experienced MIR researcher a lot of the topics will be familiar although you might still find it interesting to check out.

At this point I am trying to get a rough estimate of how many people would be interested in participating outside the University of Victoria. By participating I mean that you would intend to watch all the video lectures and do some if not all of the assignments. I understand that frequently people (including me) start online courses and then run out of time and that's ok but I just want to make sure that at least you intend to put some time on it rather than just check it out.

If you are interested please send me a personal email to gtzan@xxxxxxxxxx with
your information such as affiliation, country of origin, experience in MIR. Having an estimate of the number of interested people will help me make a more concrete plan.

best regards and looking forward to seeing some of you in Brazil,