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[AUDITORY] Position at University of Colorado Boulder

A full-time research associate position is available in the Hearing Research Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder to work with Dr. Kathryn Arehart and Mr. James Kates and collaborators on topics related to auditory perception and hearing aids. The position is supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIDCD) and the hearing-aid industry. The position involves cognitive and auditory testing as well as hearing-aid fitting and outcomes measurement in older adults with hearing impairment. Our program of research considers variability in speech understanding among older listeners; how cognition contributes to that variability; and the extent to which those issues can be addressed with specific hearing aid signal-processing strategies. We also work on the development of objective metrics for the prediction of sound quality and speech intelligibility with hearing aids. The successful candidate will have an AUD and/or PhD in a field related to auditory or cognitive science (audiology, psychology, engineering, gerontology, etc.), as well as strong communication and organizational skills. The candidate will participate in all phases of research including experimental design, participant recruitment and testing, data collection and analysis, grant administration, supervision of student research assistants, and dissemination of results at scientific conferences and in research publications. Direct experience with hearing aids is strongly desired.

The position is initially supported for one year. Additional years of support may be available contingent on satisfactory progress and availability of grant funds. Mentorship in grant writing will be available for candidates who wish to seek independent funding. Salary is commensurate with NIH post-doctoral stipend levels.

The position is housed within the Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Department on the Boulder campus. The Department has strong ties with the University of Colorado neuroscience and cognitive science programs as well as the audiology department at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver.  

More information is available http://www.jobsatcu.com:80/postings/73887 .