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PhD position in psychoacoustics at Le uphana University Lüneburg (Germany)

Dear List,

I am sending this post on behalf of my colleague Inga Holube.  Please
do not send answers/inquiries to me, but to the two persons named



Doctoral scholarship for PhD research in psychoacoustics at Leuphana
University Lüneburg (Germany)

A Ph.D. grant is offered in a joint project of the Institute of
Hearing Technology and Audiology at Jade University Oldenburg,
Germany (Inga Holube), and the Institute for experimental industrial
psychology (LüneLab), Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany (Friedrich
Müller). The project is located in the research focus “Hearing in
everyday life” (HALLO). The Ph.D. is financed by a scholarship with an
amount of 1400 Euro/month (plus 100 Euro grant for non-personnel costs
and additional fee for family and children if applicable) for a period
of 36 month. Main workplace and graduating University is Lüneburg.

The suitable applicant is planning, conducting and analyzing
experiments on the development of a measurement procedure for
continuous monitoring of listening effort which should be applied in
hearing aid fitting. Publication of results in journals and during
conferences is essential as well as efficient communication with
hearing impaired patients and effective cooperation with various
project partners.

Required are knowledge in general psychology, psychophysics,
psychological methodology and statistics as well as proactive working
attitude, ability to work in a team, a very high level of spoken and
written German and English language skills.

Are you interested?  For more information, please contact
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Müller, Email:f.mueller@xxxxxxxxxxxx Applications
should be addressed to Prof. Dr. Inga Holube, Institut für Hörtechnik
und Audiologie, Jade Hochschule,  Ofener Straße 16/19, D-26121
Oldenburg, Germany, Inga.Holube@xxxxxxxxxxx