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[AUDITORY] DCASE 2017 preliminary announcement

Dear all,

DCASE 2016 Challenge and Workshop was a great success in attracting the interest of the research community and had a very high participation rate, with many interesting and highly performing systems.

We are happy to announce that we will be organizing the DCASE 2017 Challenge and DCASE 2017 Workshop. We are currently working on defining the tasks and planning the schedule, based on the feedback received on DCASE 2016. The planned tasks are:

- Sound scene classification - sound scene classification in closed set

- Detection of rare sound events - detection of small number of rare sound events, synthetic material

- Sound event detection in real-life audio - detection of sound events related to human activity and hazard, in street context

- Large-scale sound event detection in YouTube videos - detection of sound events related to vehicles; training is based on weak labels and testing employs a large-scale set.

The planned schedule is as follows (exact dates to be confirmed later):

Publication of challenge tasks, baseline systems and training data: beginning of March 2017

Release of evaluation data: end of June 2017

Submission of challenge entries and papers to the DCASE 2017 Workshop: end of July 2017

Challenge results, workshop notification of acceptance: mid-Sept 2017

DCASE 2017 Workshop: 9-10 Nov 2017, Munich, Germany

We are looking forward to your participation!


DCASE 2017 Organizers