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[AUDITORY] 2nd Workshop on the Application of Pupillometry in Hearing Science: Call for Registration

Second announcement: call for registration


The Second Summer Workshop on
The Application of Pupillometry in Hearing Science to assess Listening Effort


VU University medical center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7-8 September 2017


In recent years, research within the fields of Audiology and Psychology has been increasingly focusing on the quantification of the effort required during listening. The pupil dilation response has shown to reliably measure cognitive processing load during listening, which quantifies listening effort. The more effortful the listening task, the larger the pupil dilation response. The response is shown to be affected by speech intelligibility (Zekveld et al., 2010) and masker type (Koelewijn et al., 2012), as well as cognitive abilities like working memory and attention.

Researchers at the Section Ear&Hearing of the VUmc, Amsterdam, have been applying this method in hearing science since 1997. Currently, this method is applied in labs throughout the world to assess the influence of various relevant factors and paramenters, such as the effect of hearing aid algorithms, CI rehabilitation, and daily-life hearing disability.  

In 2015, the first interactive summer workshop on the use of pupillometry in hearing science was organized. In September 2017, the second interactive summer workshop on the use of pupillometry in hearing science will take place. The aim of this workshop is to share expertise and to provide an overview of recent pupillometry research. There will be a special focus on the applied analysis techniques and the different pupil response parameters extracted from the signal. In discussion sessions, we will reflect on the interpretation of these parameters and attempt to connect these to concepts described by relevant models, such as the recently published Framework for Understanding Effortful Listening (FUEL, Pichora-Fuller et al., Ear and Hearing 37, 5S-27S). Confirmed keynote speakers are Dr. Stefanie Kuchinsky, University of Maryland, Maryland, and Dr. Matt Winn, University of Washington, Seattle. A more elaborate outline of the workshop will be send to participants later.

Practical information:

When: 7– 8 September 2017.

Who: Researchers (interested in) using pupillometry in hearing science. The number of participants is limited.

Format: After registration, we will invite attendants to submit a short abstract about their research. We will select a number of participants who will present their research in a 15-minute oral presentation. All other attendants will be asked to give a short (5 min.), three-slide PowerPoint presentation introducing their research and the research questions they address using pupillometry. The deadline for abstract submission is 1 June 2017.

Where: The workshop will be held at the VU University medical center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (http://ac-vumc.nl/onderzoek/onderzoek.htm).
Costs: A fee of around 125 euro will be charged to cover the essential costs. We can assist with advice on travel and hotel (attendants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation).

Registration: Please send an email to: t.koelewijn@xxxxxxx before 1 May 2017. This contact address can also be used for any questions related to this workshop. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


Organizing committee:

Adriana Zekveld, PhD and Thomas Koelewijn, PhD (main organizers)
prof. Sophia E. Kramer

Yang Wang and Barbara Ohlenforst (Marie Curie ITN project LISTEN 607373)
Hans van Beek (technician).