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Re: [AUDITORY] loudspeaker recommendations

Hi Maria et al.,


At Salford, most of our expts with loudspeakers use Genelec powered monitors, including most listening tests with complex stimuli, though this is partly because we have a lot of links with the manufacturer. Any small monitor intended for professional recording studios would probably be adequate.


I’m making assumptions from your brief notes, but I think the main problems will not come from phase alignment between two drivers or from being closer than the 1 m the manufacturer will have measured the frequency response at. I’m more interested in spatial effects. The size and surface treatment of the room may have a significant effect, depending on what you are reproducing. A lot of our listening tests with loudspeakers are performed in a room conforming to ITU-R BS.1116-1 (signals to reviewers that we got the effect of the room to be about as small as it can be while still sounding ‘natural’). That said, we have recently been doing work with an object-based audio system in a much smaller room, though, with reasonable results.


I’m also a bit curious about why you’re using mono reproduction of “spectrally rich soundscapes”. This sort of stimulus is usually reproduced over some kind of spatialized system. 2D or 3D ambisonic or head-tracked binaural seem popular these days.




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Dear Colleagues,

So far we have been conducting our behavioural experiments using high quality headphones, but for various reasons will need to shift to using free field sound presentation for some of our work.  I was hoping you might be able to recommend a high quality loud speaker to use for this purpose; Ideally, one that we can purchase easily from the UK.


Our requirements:  Experiments are conducted in a small-ish sound-proof booth, and we plan to position a single loudspeaker about 50-70 cm in front of the listener (space constraints prevents this from being any further away). Stimuli are spectrally rich ‘soundscapes’.  

My understanding is that we should prefer single cone speakers?


Many thanks,




Maria Chait PhD


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