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[AUDITORY] Invitation to apply for PhD studentship at University of Winchester, UK

Dear all, 

We have in our institution some possibilities for PhD funding. One project for which there is expertise in the department is detailed below. However, strong applicants are not restricted to this topic and indeed I would personally welcome any applicants with an interest in auditory or speech perception. 

Face and voice perception – towards an understanding of multimodal processing of emotion.

Supervisors: Prof. Maria Uther, Dr. Daniel Gill, Dr. Jordan Randell

University of Winchester is offering the opportunity for prospective students to apply for a PhD studentship. Supervision is offered within the area of multimodal (face and voice) processing of emotion. The project is led by Prof. Uther (voice perception), Dr. Gill (face perception) and Dr. Jordan Randell (emotions and experimental methods).

Research on detection of emotion has historically focused on single modality (face or voices). A PhD would provide an ideal opportunity to explore the complementarity of visual (face) and auditory (voice) input in the perception of emotions and the interaction of information from both modalities.  The project will involve innovative EEG/ERP and behavioural methods. Previous experience in EEG/ERP studies is not necessary. Training in computational and neuroscientific approaches would allow the student to develop practical and technical skills in this field.

Interested students should contact Prof. Maria Uther (Maria.Uther@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and the deadline for applications is midnight 15th May. 

Kind regards,  

Professor Maria Uther
Professor of Cognitive Psychology
Department of Psychology,
University of Winchester, 
Sparkford Rd, Winchester, 
Hampshire, SO22 4NR
tel: +44 1962 624892

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