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[AUDITORY] #hearing aids #car-cabin noise #speech intelligibility

Dear List,


We would like to investigate speech intelligibility for hearing-aid users in a car-cabin environment. To that end, we are looking for recordings from (at least) four microphones of two hearing aids worn by a manikin in the driver’s seat. One multitrack recording would involve the noise generated by the car running at a constant speed. Another recording would obtain the impulse responses from all microphones as measured for a speaker located in the passenger seat. Does anyone happen to have such recordings and is willing to share them?

If not, we might up doing these recordings ourselves, so any suggestions, warnings for pitfalls or recommendations will be warmly welcomed.





Gaston Hilkhuysen
UCL Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences
room 302
Chandler House
2 Wakefield Street
London WC1N 1PF

email: g.hilkhuysen@xxxxxxxxx
phone: +44 20 7679 4235  (internal: 24235)