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[AUDITORY] $40k p.a. Scholarships in music science at UNSW, Australia, due 21 July 2017

The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia is offering Scientia PhD Scholarships for selected projects: 4 years at AUD40,000p.a. plus AUD10,0000 research expenses. These relatively generous scholarships are aimed at students with excellent undergraduate record and ideally some publication(s). Two of the projects may interest outstanding students with suitable backgrounds combining physics, music, engineering and/or psychology.

 1. The Mechanics and Acoustics of Expressive Performance on Wind Instruments
One of the main recent research activities in the Acoustics Lab at UNSW has concentrated on the fundamental physics of the interaction between musicians and their instruments. The Empirical Musicology Lab at UNSW has conducted research into the strategies elite musicians use to develop their playing skills, particularly for highly challenging music. The next obvious step is to incorporate scientific knowledge into practice and pedagogy. This project addresses these questions, among others: How can we map scientific parameters onto performance ideas? What happens when we practice particular techniques?
Complete the 'self assessment' form in the above link and in the first instance send it by 21 July 2017 to:  Joe Wolfe - j.wolfe@xxxxxxxxxxx (home page: https://research.unsw.edu.au/people/professor-joe-wolfe)
2. Musical _expression_ in Real Time - Interdisciplinary Approaches
Expressiveness in music is poorly understood because of the lack of interdisciplinary perspectives. The proposal will bring together musician, audience and composer perspectives to produce a ground-breaking model of musical _expression_, exploiting the latest developments in continuous response measurement, allowing researchers to visualise the dynamic aspects of expressive playing and how it influences the listener in real time. In addition to a deep understanding of performance and research, the successful candidate will bring a variety of skills in software data collection, processing and visualisation. Musicians will for the first time understand musical _expression_ beyond current music theory and speculation.
Complete the 'self assessment' form in the above link and in the first instance send it by 21 July 2017 to:  Emery Schubert - e.schubert@xxxxxxxxxxx (home page: https://sam.arts.unsw.edu.au/about-us/people/emery-schubert/)
Summary of the scheme UNSW SCIENTIA SCHOLARSHIPS scheme: 
"The UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship Scheme is part of our dedication to harnessing our cutting-edge research to solve complex problems and improve the lives of people in local and global communities. Scientia scholars will have a strong commitment to making a difference in the world with demonstrated potential for contributing to the social engagement and/or global impact pillars of the UNSW 2025 Strategy.  The Scientia Scheme is targeted in that applicants will apply to a specific research area with an identified supervisory team and application is by nomination.
• Work on high quality research projects with the best supervisory teams in world class environments
• $40K a year stipend for four years
• Tuition fees covered for the full 4 year period
• Coaching and mentoring will form a critical part of your highly personalised leadership development plan
• Up to $10k each year to build your career and support your international research collaborations
• At least 5 of these scholarships will be reserved for Indigenous research candidates. 
There are 9 strategic research areas supported by the Scheme with a wide range of projects.  Browse through them to discover the project for you and then when you have found the project and team you would like to work with, click apply and you will be able to express your interest with the primary supervisor. If you and the supervisory team match up well, the team will nominate you and you will be invited to submit a full application for consideration."

Visit the 
FAQs and Guidelines for more detailed information on the process and the Scheme.  General information is here:  http://www.2025.unsw.edu.au/apply/

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