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[AUDITORY] PhD and Postdoc position at Aalborg University: Intelligibility Aware Hearing Assistive Devices

Dear List,


[Apologies for cross-posting.]


A PhD and a Postdoc position in the area of Intelligibility Aware Hearing Assistive Devices are open for appointment from 1. September, 2017, at the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University. The fully funded positions are available for a period of three years.


We are looking for highly motivated, independent, and outstanding phd and a postdoc candidates with a strong background in (statistical) speech signal processing, machine learning, and desirable knowledge of (impaired) auditory perception, hearing aid technology, etc.


You may obtain further information about the scientific aspects of the Phd and Postdoc positions from Prof. Jesper Jensen (jje@xxxxxxxxx), Prof. Søren Holdt Jensen (shj@xxxxxxxxx) and at http://www.vacancies.aau.dk/show-vacancy/?vacancy=911390 and http://www.vacancies.aau.dk/show-vacancy/?vacancy=911157.  Please apply by July 31, 2017 at www.vacancies.aau.dk.