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[AUDITORY] BISH Bash Meetup: looking for future hosts

Apologies for cross-posting.

Dear colleagues,

The Bay Innovative Signal Hackers (BISH) Bash aims at gathering, on a regular basis and in an informal setting, engineers, researchers, students, and other people working or interested in the field of audio/speech/music signal processing in the Bay Area in the US, in order for them to meet, discuss, and hopefully make fruitful connections. The meetups typically happen every couple of months and are generally hosted by a company or an institution which gratefully provides some drinks and snacks to the attendees, and proposes presentations by host or guest speakers, or other activities (e.g., a demo of their products, a visit of their facilities, etc.), depending on the host's preference.

Well-known companies and institutions have hosted this meetup in the past, such as Starkey, iZotope, Google, Audience, Gracenote, Adobe, CETECOM, Dolby, Pandora, Shazam, DSP Concepts, Knowles, and CCRMA at Stanford. We are looking for companies or institutions which would be interested in keeping this great momentum going and hosting a future BISH Bash meetup. This would be a great opportunity for the host to advertise a bit about itself to the community, but also to see what the community has been up to lately. For more information about the meetup or to contact us, please follow this link: https://www.meetup.com/bishbash/

Thank you,

The BISH Bash organizers.