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[AUDITORY] Software release: open Master Hearing Aid

Dear readers of the Auditory List,

we are happy to announce the first release of the
open Master Hearing Aid (openMHA).

For more info see below and www.openMHA.org.

Kind regards,
Hendrik Kayser, Tobias Herzke and Volker Hohmann


Availability of the first version of the openMHA - an open community
software platform for hearing aid research (funded by NIDCD

The open Master Hearing Aid (openMHA) provides researchers with the
means to efficiently develop and evaluate, in collaborative multi center
environments, novel signal processing schemes, individualized fitting
procedures, technical solutions and services for hearing devices such as
hearing aids and assistive listening devices. The open-source platform
comprises of the following components:

1. A software development kit (C/C++ SDK) including an extensive signal
processing library for algorithm development and a set of
Matlab-/Octave-compatible tools to support development and offline testing.

2. Real-time runtime environments for standard PC platforms with
standard sound hardware (Linux operating systems) as well as ARM
platforms (e.g., Beaglebone Black).

3. A set of baseline reference algorithms that forms a complete hearing
system (multi-band dynamic compression and amplification, directional
microphones, binaural beamformers and coherence filter, single-channel
noise reduction, feedback control)

Documentation is available for three types of users: Algorithm
developers who want to program own signal processing blocks ("plugins"),
system engineers who want to set up a HW/SW systems for experiments with
the openMHA and want to customize and configure the signal processing
blocks and audiologists who want to test and individually fit a basic
hearing aid system out of the box.