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[AUDITORY] PostDoc position at the University of Lyon: applied auditory and visual perception

Dear list,


A Postdoc position in the area of applied auditory and visual perception is open from 2nd semester, 2017, at the University of Lyon. The fully funded position by LabEx CeLyA and IMU is available for a period of 2 years.


Details of this position:


Title: Impacts of naturalness on auditory and visual perceptions in urban public outdoor and underground environments


This post-doctoral position is part of the VISON project, funded by the IMU LabEx (Intelligences des Mondes Urbains) and CeLyA LabEx (Centre Lyonnais d’Acoustique) of the University of Lyon. The aim is to study how different ways of managing nature in urban public environments impact auditory and visual perceptions. More especially, the impacts of the type of management (intensive vs extensive management) and the ambient sound will be studied. Two types of urban public environments will be considered: underground environments such as subway stations, and outdoor environments such as green areas along avenues.

Psychophysical and physiological experiments will be carried out under controlled conditions at ENTPE (Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat). A first experiment will mainly focus on psychophysical measurements. A second experiment will focus on physiological measurements (pupil diameter, gaze behavior, heart rate…) to deeply analyze the perceptual phenomena highlighted through the first audio-visual experiment.

The post-doc researcher will set up and carry out the audio-visual experiments using psychophysical and physiological measurements. He/she will analyze the data and present the results at project meetings and conferences, in project reports and in articles submitted in peer-reviewed journals.



Potential candidates must hold a Ph.D. degree with experience in psychophysics, knowledge in statistical analyses, good skills in English scientific writing, and abilities in French communication. Skills in physical measurements (e.g. sound, light), in physiological measurements (e.g. pupil diameter, gaze tracking, heart rate) and in Matlab programming will be appreciated.


Duration and income

The 2-year post-doctoral position will be hired by the University of Lyon, from the 2nd semester of 2017 to the 2nd semester of 2019.

Gross income: between 2461 and 2625 euros depending on job experiences after Ph.D. thesis.



C. Marquis-Favre – Email: catherine.marquisfavre@xxxxxxxx

M. Cottet – Email: marylise.cottet@xxxxxxxxxxx


To apply, send to both addresses all the following documents:

- detailed CV with a complete list of publications

- Ph. D.-diploma

- application letter

- letter of recommendation

Application deadline: 20/08/2017



C. Marquis-Favre

Senior researcher

Member of Lyon Acoustic Centre (CeLyA)

Univ of Lyon, ENTPE, LGCB

3 rue Maurice Audin

69518 Vaulx-en-Velin

Tél : 33 4 72 04 72 66

Fax : 33 4 72 04 70 41