Re: [AUDITORY] External class compliant sound cards ("Peter P." )

Subject: Re: [AUDITORY] External class compliant sound cards
From:    "Peter P."  <peterparker@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 30 May 2019 08:37:03 +0200

Hi Kamil, you might want to check/ask on this mailing list after having reviewed its archives. best, P * Kamil Adiloglu <kamil.adiloglu@xxxxxxxx> [2019-05-30 06:19]: > Dear list, > I am compiling a list of suitable sound cards for a mobile real-time > experimental setup. There are some criteria that such sound card should > fulfil: > - External sound card: We have a mini PC with an on-board sound chip. W= e > want to use an external sound card with a decent sound quality. Our min= i PC > has USB-2, USB-3, USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) connections. >=20 > - Class compliance: We have a real-time signal processing platform, whi= ch > runs on Linux (Actually it also supports Windows and Mac, but we prefer > Linux). Therefore we need a sound card, which Linux can operate. > Manufacturers usually do not officially support Linux, but there are so= me, > which run under Linux, because they are class compliant and do not requ= ire > a dedicated driver. >=20 > - At least 4 (preferably 6) analog (identical) inputs and at least 2 an= alog > (identical) outputs >=20 > - Lower sampling rates: As we will do real-time signal processing, we > prefer lower sampling rates for the sake of computational complexity. > Therefore, ideally we would like to have a sound card, which supports e= ven > 16kHz, but 32kHz also OK. >=20 > I know that these criteria are now easy to fulfil. So far, I couldn't f= ind > any sound card, which fulfils all the requirements. In the worst case, = we > can sacrifice the last requirement and downsample our sound input befor= e > processing, but it is a good-to-have one. >=20 > We would appreciate any suggestion. Thank you in advance. >=20 > Best Regards, > Kamil Adiloglu >=20 >=20 > --=20 > Dr. Kamil Adilo=C4=9Flu > Forschung und Entwicklung >=20 > H=C3=B6rTech gGmbH > Marie-Curie-Str. 2 > D-26129 Oldenburg > Germany > Phone: +49 441 2172-215 > Fax: +49 441 2172-250 > Email: k.adiloglu@xxxxxxxx > >=20 > HRB 5035, AG Oldenburg, Gesch=C3=A4ftsf=C3=BChrer: Sebastian Quirandt > -----------------------------------------------------------------------= --------- > H=C3=B6rTech gGmbH ist zertifiziert nach DIN EN ISO 13485 > -----------------------------------------------------------------------= --------- >=20 > H=C3=B6rTech gGmbH ist Partner im Exzellenzcluster Hearing4all www.hear= > -----------------------------------------------------------------------= --------- >=20 > Der Inhalt dieser E-Mail ist ausschlie=C3=9Flich f=C3=BCr den/die bezei= chneten > Adressaten bestimmt. > Wenn Sie nicht der vorgesehene Adressat dieser E-Mail oder dessen > Vertreter sein sollten, > beachten Sie bitte, dass jede Form der Kenntnisnahme, > Ver=C3=B6ffentlichung, Vervielf=C3=A4ltigung > oder Weitergabe des Inhalts dieser E-Mail unzul=C3=A4ssig ist. Bitte se= tzen > Sie sich in diesem > Fall mit dem Absender der E-Mail in Verbindung.

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