[AUDITORY] Fwd: Two post-doc positions at the University of Cambridge (Debi Vickers )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Fwd: Two post-doc positions at the University of Cambridge
From:    Debi Vickers  <dav1000@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 28 Jan 2019 10:13:11 +0000

Dear Auditory List Members I should like to draw your attention to the adverts for two post-doctoral research positions in my lab group at the University of Cambridge, part of the Cambridge Hearing Research Group. They will be working on a grant to 'Develop electrophysiological measures of brain activity to optimize cochlear implant fitting'. One position has an electrophysiology focus and the other an engineering focus. Please find the particulars at the following link: www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/20241/ Please contact me with any queries. I will also be at ARO if you would like to discuss the positions in person. Kindest Regards Debi Vickers -- Dr Debi Vickers Principal Research Associate (Associate Professor) University of Cambridge Department of Clinical Neurosciences Herchel Smith Building for Brain and Mind Sciences Robinson Way CB2 0SZ +44 1223 760683

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