[AUDITORY] PhD position in Cognitive Neuroscience (Jose Valenzuela Ruiz )

Subject: [AUDITORY] PhD position in Cognitive Neuroscience
From:    Jose Valenzuela Ruiz  <jvalenzuela@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 9 Dec 2019 09:22:07 +0000

Dear Auditory List, A 3.5-years PhD position is offered in the Brainlab-Cognitive Neuroscience = Research Group (Barcelona, Spain; PI: Carles Escera; www.ub.edu/brainlab) t= o investigate brain connectivity patterns and neural oscillations associate= d with emotions and mental states induced by sound. This position is financed by the ERC Advanced Grant =93ARTSOUNDSCAPES: the = sound of special places: exploring rock art soundscapes and the sacred=94 (= https://www.ub.edu/artsoundscapes/). The project aims at investigating the = acoustics of special places (rock art sites), and how these acoustics may h= ave determined their choice in early hunter-gatherers and agricultural soci= eties by their particular echoes and reverberations. Specifically, we aim to test whether these acoustics, when = convoluted with ritual songs, music and other sounds (e.g., nature generate= d) may induce particular emotional and mental states (e.g., such as trance,= altered states of consciousness, meditation-like) and the associated patterns of brain activity as revealed by oscillatory and co= nnectivity analysis of the EEG. Candidates must hold a Master=92s degree (or equivalent) in cognitive or co= mputational neuroscience, psychology, cognitive sciences, biomedicine, engi= neering or related field. Requirements: 1] 300 ECTS completed (at least 60 ECTS in a Master degree), = 2] Strong motivation for science and experience with EEG experimental designs and data analysis, 3] computer skills (e.g., Matlab, P= ython, Praat) Applicants please send 1) Letter of motivation, 2) CV, and 3) One or two ac= ademic letters of reference by email to Dr. Carles Escera at cescera@xxxxxxxx= [IMPORTANT: state subject: PhD EMO] Starting date: FEB/MARCH 2020 [deadline for applications: January 31th, 202= 0] -- Jose Valenzuela, Ph. D. Early Stage Researcher ERC project (Artsoundscapes) Brainlab-Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology Institute of Neuroscience Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de D=E9u P. Vall d'Hebron, 171 08035 Barcelona Tel. +34 93 312 50 48 www.ub.edu/brainlab Aquest missatge, i els fitxers adjunts que hi pugui haver, pot contenir inf= ormaci=F3 confidencial o protegida legalment i s=92adre=E7a exclusivament a= la persona o entitat destinat=E0ria. Si no consteu com a destinatari final= o no teniu l=92enc=E0rrec de rebre=92l, no esteu autoritzat a llegir-lo, r= etenir-lo, modificar-lo, distribuir-lo, copiar-lo ni a revelar-ne el contin= gut. Si l=92heu rebut per error, informeu-ne el remitent i elimineu del sis= tema tant el missatge com els fitxers adjunts que hi pugui haver. Este mensaje, y los ficheros adjuntos que pueda incluir, puede contener inf= ormaci=F3n confidencial o legalmente protegida y est=E1 exclusivamente diri= gido a la persona o entidad destinataria. Si usted no consta como destinata= rio final ni es la persona encargada de recibirlo, no est=E1 autorizado a l= eerlo, retenerlo, modificarlo, distribuirlo o copiarlo, ni a revelar su con= tenido. Si lo ha recibido por error, informe de ello al remitente y elimine= del sistema tanto el mensaje como los ficheros adjuntos que pueda contener= . This email message and any attachments it carries may contain confidential = or legally protected material and are intended solely for the individual or= organization to whom they are addressed. If you are not the intended recip= ient of this message or the person responsible for processing it, then you = are not authorized to read, save, modify, send, copy or disclose any part o= f it. If you have received the message by mistake, please inform the sender= of this and eliminate the message and any attachments it carries from your= account.

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